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Proactive Monitoring Services

ILSMD currently assists Prince Georges County, MD in their Prevailing Wage Monitoring Program. We ensure that contracted construction companies are properly classifying and compensating their on-site employees. Before implementing this program the county received numerous complaints about misclassification and underpayment of project employees.  We use a two tier system of onsite field interviews and certified payroll audits. Our unique mobile technology allows our multilingual field inspectors to provide accurate and expeditious reporting. Our compliance monitoring team has fostered positive relationships with all stakeholders to guarantee an efficient process.


Every project managed by ILSMD is done so with the utmost integrity. We value the confidence our client’s entrust with us to the highest degree. ILSMD believes it is the cornerstone of client relationships.


ILSMD is committed to utilizing the latest technology and project management methods to ensure we meet our clients’ timelines.


We are dedicated to ensuring when we meet our clients goals it has a positive impact on their daily practices and operations. We aim to exceed expectation.

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