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Integrated Logistics Services is a company with over 15 years of experience in the federal procurement space. We value our customers and we reward hard work. Based on experience, we believe our success is based on four pillars that differentiate Integrated Logistics Services from all other businesses that compete in this arena:


Top executives at ILSMD are former Contracting Officers that managed portfolios of contracts valued over a billion dollars with international implications.  From top management down, each employee is charged with knowing their role in maintaining regulatory, contract and performance compliance.  Our record of providing contract deliverables correctly and on-time is impeccable.

Financial Controls

ILSMD operates on a conservative platform and has maintained a steady rate of growth that allows us to incrementally fund future growth with organic assets.  We understand that poor financial management is a primary cause of corporate failures but we have strong financials and an excellent payables record.

Customer Service

With our experience working with military agencies, we have been able to identify new and solid management strategies and leadership capabilities.  Our direct knowledge of regulations and contract management provides a unique advantage over most companies that we compete with.  We have managed contracts with various complexities and industrial fields.  There are no panaceas for success in this business but we understand how to mold our strengths and overcome our weaknesses to provide top-notch service.


We have successfully provided personnel to support contract performance in several states.  ILSMD’s success is due largely to our ability to recruit, train, and retain a high-caliber professional staff, which enhances our ability to provide outstanding quality services to our customers. We have an extremely strong employee retention rate, which results in cost savings in hiring and training new employees – Savings that are passed on to our customers. 

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